Genevieve From Choo Choo Soul


Born to musician parents, Genevieve has been creating music since childhood. Her recording career began in Hip-Hop & R&B in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she can currently be heard on over 65 albums. Recording voice-over work for video game & toy companies such as Dreamworks, The George Lucas Company, Hello Kitty, and Leapfrog expanded the artists’ realm of performance, and ultimately led her into the world of Children’s Television. 

Through a partnership built from doing voiceover work, “Choo Choo Soul” was born; a high-energy, soulful music album that expanded into a live-action & animation music video segment that airs on Disney Channel’s “Disney Junior.” Since Disney Channel’s pre-school programming block was expanded into its own network, Genevieve has become the voice of the network, singing the Disney Junior Theme song, as well as various songs paired with original Disney animation. To date, Disney has produced 23 Choo Choo Soul videos, 8 of which are re-makes of Disney Classics, which premiered in the network wide “Disney Favorites Weekend” launch in November of 2012. Disney has released one Choo Choo Soul album, which became an bestseller, and will released a new CD in January of 2013.

Genevieve is currently living in the Los Angeles area, writing musical curriculum for one of Disney’s newest ventures; a school in China that teaches English to children. She began her partnership with “Disney English” in 2008 and has written over 100 songs for the initiative, as well as developing and producing an entire Phonics program for the curriculum while providing voiceover for the accompanying DVD set. Beginning in 2012, Genevieve signed on with leading toy company Fisher-Price, to write and produce new music for the company’s beloved “Little People” toys in a complete refresh of the brand. 

From her many shows around the country, Genevieve noticed the true power that music has in motivating children. In April of 2010, she created "The Happy Hearts Club," a fitness/exercise show for kids. Originally pitched as a television show, Genevieve has since expanded the brand into a community outreach organization, mentoring tweens to perform the HHC exercise moves for crowds of children. 

While focusing primarily on Children’s Entertainment and education, Genevieve also continues to write R&B & pop music for artists in LA as well as working with artists & children on vocal production and voice coaching.