Musical Theatre/Aladdin Jr Parent Mtg Notes


Aloha Musical Theatre Students and Families,

We had our first Parent Meeting of this theatrical season this past weekend.  Below are some of the items discussed throughout the different classes.  There will be another Parent Meeting as we get closer to the Aladdin Jr production - End of February/Early March.  Based on the remaining time after the meeting, some of the students were able to showcase class assignments.  Parents also got to see some of the warm-ups done in every class.


Classes:  Each 1.5 hour class is split into 3-30min increments to include acting, music and choreography.  The content of each day will be based on instructor availability or the need of a specific area.  This way each child is exposed to all elements of the musical theatre.  

Please talk with your child about their class and help them with any of the assignments or songs.  This can be in conversation, watching them, or playing the applicable music.  Parent involvement and interest means a lot to them and their improvement.

The instructors are:

Uniforms:  Uniforms are required at Pas De Deux.  Musical Theatre uniform consists of the appropriate color PDD shirt by class, pants or long shorts/capris suitable for movement, covered studio shoes/sneakers, and hair pulled away from face.  No slippers, heels, skirts, short shorts, jeans, etc.  This is for safety and to allow proper movement in class.  Studio policy is to charge  $1 each class a student is out of uniform.  We will be more vigilant in enforcing this policy from this point forward.

Note: Productions, starting with Aladdin Jr, may require tan jazz shoes as part of costumes.  These shoes, as well as ballet shoes, are acceptable for use during class.  You may get these at the front desk.

Attendance:  Regular attendance and timeliness is important in class.  Much of the exercises and assignments are done with partners and may build upon each other each week.  Please advise us if your child will be absent or late so we may enter it into the system.  There is a studio policy of a $1 late charge for the class.  We provide a grace period to accommodate circumstances such as traffic/parking but ask this not be taken advantage of.


Communication:  Email is the best form of communication.  Please check that your email address is up to date with the Studio Admin.  Since we email from our studio system, please verify these emails are not going to a spam/junk filter.  We give information to the students as well but this does not always make it home.  We want to make sure parents are well informed of upcoming events and expectations.  Emails regarding the show will be coming from the Stage Manager, Erica Kaolowi,  Feel free to email her with any questions or conflicts.

Rehearsals:  We are done with blocking and will begin scene run-throughs with leads and other roles.  Cast are required to be off-book which means all lines and blocking are memorized.  We are nearing the show and those consistently unprepared are at risk of being re-cast.  We do not like to do this so please check with your child that they are ready.  Ensemble will join in longer rehearsals starting March.  Please review the attached schedule.  This is also available on the PDD website under 'Events' along with other show information and practice music:

Attendance & Uniforms:  Same policies as the class applies.  Scripts and pencil are also required.

Costumes:  Most costumes will be rentals depending on character.  Ensemble costumes will be purchased.  Tan jazz shoes are required to complete costumes.  Further instruction, including hair and make-up, will be given when costumes are distributed.

Volunteers:  We will ask for show volunteers at the next meeting.  In the meantime, please let Erica know if you can assist with sewing or show programs/ad sales.


Summer Workshops in NYC:  Please respond to this email if you are interested in a summer musical theatre workshop to be held in NYC.  We are looking into several options…please note some may require an application and audition or have age restrictions.   We will provide more information with feedback.

Email Blog:  Check out PDD email blog for emails you may have missed or can't find:


Mahalo for all your continued support,
Erica Kaolowi, Stage Manager

Reminder: 48 hour cancellation policy for make-ups


Hello Vocal Students and Families:

Just a friendly reminder that our studio requires 48 hour prior notice for any class cancellations or requests for a reschedule.  Below is our policy which you can view anytime on our website. We are also holding our instructors to the same policy as a consideration to our students.

13.  Private Music Cancellations:   Private Music Sessions have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you cannot attend class please email or call the studio at ph#671-0350.  If a performer doesn't show or doesn't contact PDD to cancel their training session within the 48 hour timeframe they will be charged for the session and considered a no show.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Mia Beaudet
Vocal Coordinator

Reminder - June Recital Form/Fees


Hi Families,
Just a friendly reminder that fees for Iconology will be added this weekend to your billing statements. Please be sure to submit the online permission form to indication if you are performing or not.  Fees are non-refundable and costumes will be ordered for those that submit a form for participation.  Those that are NOT performing will have fees removed if a form is submitted by Feb. 1st.


Link to permission form:

Aladdin Jr Parent Meeting & Musical Theatre Review


Aloha Musical Theatre Parents,

We will be holding a brief parent informational meeting for the upcoming Aladdin Jr show.  Some items to discuss will be rehearsal schedule, costumes, performance logistics, volunteer opportunities and things you can do to help your child prepare.

During the meeting, some of the students will showcase things they've been working on in the acting portion of their class.  

There will be 4 times to allow all classes to showcase...please attend during your child's regular class:

Saturday, January 25th 
2:00p-2:30p (Beg7-8/Beg9-11)
4:30p-5:00p (Int9-11/Beg-Int12+)

Monday, January 27th
5:00p-5:30p (Beg7-8/Beg9-11)
7:30p-8:00p (Int9-11/Beg-Int12+)

I will email everything discussed after the meetings for those unable to attend.

Here are some links that you can visit to always get information including rehearsal schedule:
Aladdin Jr Information (Rehearsal schedule, music, cast list, show dates/times)
Rehearsal Schedule (Current as of this mailing)
Emails (general emails sent from the studio and different genres such as this one)

Thank you,
Theatre Stage Manager

Tanioka Fundraiser - Ticket Request Info


Hi Possible NYC Trip Participants!

If you want to take advantage of the Tanioka Seafood Fundraiser please respond in the next 5-7 days.  If you end up not going to NYC you can use the monies raised towards your recital costume balances, etc.  You keep the profit anyways so you can use it however you want:)

You purchase the tickets from Tanioka at Wholesale for $4 each and sell them for $7.  Also, 3 cents will be charged per ticket for printing costs.  They will be released in increments of 10, which means you can request 10, 20, 30, 40 etc.

For instance..
10 tickets X ($4+$.03) = $40.30
Gross Profit if all 10 are sold at $7 each = $70.00
Net Profit = $29.70


Let me know how many tickets by responding to this email and I will charge your account.  Pay the front desk within the next 2 weeksso you can receive your tickets to sell.  We will let everyone know when they are ready for pick up.
***We will not be returning any unsold tickets for refund so please just request what you know you can sell.

Request tickets by:  January 23rd! (Next Week Thursday)


NYC Info and Online Poll


Estimated overall Costs: approx. $5k-$6k for one performer and one chaperone.  Teachers and Students, please fill out the online poll at the bottom to let us know if you are or aren't interested in attending so we can continue to coordinate group rates and organize fundraisers for those interested.

*Every student must be chaperoned by an adult at all times outside of the workshops and showcases.

Pulse NYC
Dates:  July 23rd-27th
Age Requirement:  11+
Level Requirement:  Int/Adv levels only
Genres:  Jazz, Hip Hop
Tuition:  $500 student and $70 observer
See website for details:

Disney's Dance the Magic on Broadway 
(rates and itinerary not confirmed yet but will be similar to last years program, see attached)
Dates:  July 26th-29th
Age Requirement: 10+ (a few age 9 kids permitted so long as average age is 10)
Level Requirement:  Int/Adv levels only
Genres:  Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop
Tuition:  $799 performer and $389 guest
*includes workshops, tickets to newsies and dinner cruise.
**hotel package options and add-ons available. See flyer for details.


General Cost estimates
Airfare: $950 each
Hotel Rates:  $285-$320 per night
Transportation:  $300+ Costs can be lower if willing to take trains and Subways.
**Taxis can get costly but definitely available in NYC.
Meals:  On your own unless we do a group dinner.
Team Uniforms:  Jackets $85 (same as last year), Bag $35 (New!), 5 PDD Logo Tops at $10 each along with their normal class uniform.
*Ballet dancers should invest in dance pants or sweats.

Please note that Broadway and Pulse dates overlap.  Broadway company has advised that the itinerary for those two days are more sightseeing options with a possible show.

Showcases - If we are invited to participate in a showcase, we will do our best to include all dancers so long as they attend all required rehearsals.  If a certain number is chosen, students who don't know the choreography may have to learn it off a DVD before rehearsals begin.  Or private lessons can be booked with that Choreographer, additional fees will apply.

Online Poll to see who IS interested and NOT interested:


PDD Costume Catalog and Permission Form Link



As you know we are gearing up for our next Dance Recital in June at LCC Theatre!

Click link to view a list of songs and costumes each class will wear for their upcoming show titled Iconology, a legends in concert inspired dance concert.

If you missed the email with the permission form that contains show dates, rehearsal info and potential costs, here is the link again:

Hope you can join us!

Creative Movement I


Hi Parents,
Attached is the song you child will be performing for our next concert, Iconology. We have already started the choreography in class, so please have them practice at home. 

*right click on link above then click "save link as"


Creative Movement II


Hi Parents,
Attached is the song you child will be performing for our next concert, Iconology. We have already started the choreography in class, so please have them practice at home. 

*right click on link above then click "save link as"


PDD Musical Theatre Uniform Guidelines


Aloha Again,

The following was inadvertently left off the previous email.  Below are the Uniform Guidelines that were referenced.

Thank you,
Alan Shepard

Musical Theatre Uniform Guidelines:

Shirt - All MUST have the appropriate color PDD logo shirt for their class.  No exceptions!  This allows us to identify which class a child is in.
Beg 7-8   Red
Beg 9-11   Green
Int 9-11   Blue
Beg/Int 12+   Purple or Black

Pants - Black; should be spandex/stretchy to allow movement.  Acceptable pants include: PDD sweats, any other sweats, long shorts (mid-thigh or longer), capris (NO jeans, skirts, short shorts)

Shoes - Closed toe sneakers or dance shoes dedicated for studio use only and allows for movement. In an effort to protect and preserve the studio/theatre floors, students should not wear shoes outside of the studio…therefore students should change shoes before and after class.  NO slippers/sandals/heels - for safety, if a student does not have the appropriate shoes, they cannot go barefoot and will not be able to participate in class activities.

Hair - long hair should be pulled back and out of face with a headband or in a bun/ponytail.

PDD Musical Theatre Uniform and Attendance Policy


Aloha all PDD Musical Theatre Parents and Students,

Director Alan Shepard here with a few things to getting us thinking forward in this new year.  Two main points of discussion are PDD UNIFORMS and ATTENDANCE.

UNIFORMS:  PDD has a selection of uniforms for all classes.  Our Musical Theatre uniform consists of a class colored PDD T-Shirt, pants and shoes.  See guidelines below.  This uniform is to ensure that all students are dressed for the freedom of movement that is essential to MT classes. Now, I have been very easy going regarding uniforms in class, but have noticed a lot more clothing that is not suited for class activities. As we start the new year, I feel we should make a stronger effort to ensure all students dress accordingly for class. I ask all parents to help me in this effort.  PDD has a $1 out-of-uniform charge.  The admins at the front desk will be able to assist with getting the appropriate uniform.

ATTENDANCE:  Attendance is crucial to creating a well balanced class and rehearsal experience.  We need to all work together to ensure all students are in class and very importantly ON TIME!   PDD has a $1 late charge for students.  I have not been consistent in adding those charges, but with Aladdin rehearsals becoming more and more critical I WILL be enforcing the late charge FROM NOW ON.  I feel it is important to all the hard work of our students and staff to not keep anyone waiting.  ATTENDANCE and being ON TIME should be a priority.

Thank you for being there for PDD and Musical Theatre.  More announcements will be coming soon, especially regarding the Aladdin Parent Meeting we will be having.

Talk to you soon,
Alan Shepard

June 2014 Dance Recital Fees & Forms


Hi Families,

It's that time again! We are preparing for our annual summer dance concert. This year, it will be titled Iconology, a legends in concert inspired Dance Recital featuring songs from music icons to be held on June 20-21 & June 27-28, 2014 at Leeward Community College Theatre.

Dates to Know: 
  • January 25th ALL students automatically charged $26.18 (one-time performance fee) and $26.18 costume deposits (one per class) 
  • February 1st fees and permission form due 

Use the link below (or copy/paste into browser) to view & complete the permission form. All students must complete a form to say YES or NO to performing. Form includes all event details and participant requirements. (Form pertains to DANCE; VOCAL students will be emailed soon) 

If you are NOT participating, when you submit your form, the fees will be removed from your account within 48 hours. Please remember that once paid, fees are non-refundable. Be sure to complete the form by February 1st, especially if you are on auto-pay.

Thank you!

PDD Head Administrator

Photo Release Form


Dear Kingdom of Pop Parents,

If you took Kingdom of Pop Portraits and tried taking the photo to a print center like Longs Drugs and were refused service because you were missing the Photo Release Form I apologize.  Attached you will find the Photo Release Form that you can present to any photo center and print as many copies of your portrait as wish.

Remember to fill out the form before presenting it to your desired photo center.

Recipient Name: Your Name
Image #:  Are the four digits in the title of the image file
Today's Date and Date Photo was taken.

PDD Portrait Release Form
"Kingdom of Pop" Flyer

Aloha and Mahalo!

New!!! Dancer of the Day, Stickers, Stamps Etc


Hello PDD Students,
These new procedures will start on Saturday, Jan 9th 2014 and pertains to all dance classes and genres.

Annual Dance Awards
Little Dancer of the Year ages 7-8 - $500 Dance Scholarship
Junior Dancer of the Year ages 9-11 - $750 Dance Scholarship
Senior Dancer of the Year ages 12+ - $1000 Dance Scholarship
Ballet Dancer of the Year ages 7+ - $250 Dance Scholarship
Jazz Dancer of the Year ages 7+ - $250 Dance Scholarship
Hip Hop Dancer of the Year ages 7+ - $250 Dance Scholarship
Polynesian Dancer of the Year ages 7+ - $250 Dance Scholarship

Ages 3-4:  Stickers for doing a good job and attending class, Stamp for doing extremely well.  (rare but can be awarded to more than one student)

Ages 5-6:  Stickers for doing a good job and attending class, Stamp for doing extremely well.  (rare but can be awarded to more than one student)
AND ONE Dancer of the Day Award per class.  No more annual DOY award for this age group.

***A Sticker/Stamp book will be provided to each student.  We will also sell additional books for $1 at the front desk if they run out of room or loose it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Annri Opitz-Kostick
PDD Ballet Director and Dance Dept. Coordinator