Exam Week


Dear Parents,

Exam week for all dance classes will be held starting tomorrow (Thursday May 1st through Wednesday May 7th).  Your child will be assessed on skills during class time and we will email report cards at the beginning of June.  You will also be notified if your child has been promoted to a different class.  Please try not to miss class during this exam week.  However, if your child does miss, the teachers will base their grade on past evidence and classes.  I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you,

PDD Dance Exam Week (May 1st-7th)


Hello PDD Ballet Families,

Exam week for all dance classes will be held starting tomorrow (Thursday May 1st through Wednesday May 7th).  Your child will be assessed on skills during class time and we will email report cards at the beginning of June.  You will also be notified if your child has been promoted to a different class. Please try not to miss class during this exam week. However, if your child does miss, the teachers will base their grade on past evidence and classes.  I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you,
Annri Opitz-Kostick
PDD Dance Dept. Coordinator and Ballet Director

Fundraising for Iconology Costs


Hi Families,

We are pleased to announce the Tanioka Seafood Fundraiser to help with the additional fees families incurred for the upcoming Iconology concert! This is not mandatory and families do not have to participate.

How does it work? You purchase tickets from Tanioka's at Wholesale for $4 each and sell them for $7. Also, $1 per pack of 10 tickets will be charged for printing costs and state tax (4.712%). Tickets will be released in increments of 10, which means you can request 10, 20, 30, etc.

For instance...
10 tickets X ($4+$1+1.93) = 42.93
Gross Profit if all 10 are sold at $7 each = $70.00
Net Profit = $27.07

Interested? By May 4th complete the form using this link http://tinyurl.com/TaniokaTickets to request tickets. Charges will be added to your account by May 5th for payment that can be made online or at the front desk. Tickets available for pick up at PDD from May 19th-June 1st. We will not be returning any unsold tickets for refund so please just request what you know you can sell. Redemption at Taniokas from June 15th to June 30th.

Here is the link to details for what the Tanioka tickets can be redeemed for: http://taniokas.com/fundraising.html. We will only be selling the Fundraising TICKETS and not the Fundraising Packs.

PDD Head Administrator

Hairspray Jr. Audition Music


Aloha Theatre Families,

If your child will be auditioning for Hairspray Jr, below are the required songs and music that will be used. Other information about the audition, including sides and scores, was sent earlier and can be found on the PDD blog site: 

There are two players below - the player on the left has vocals to become familiar with the song...the player on the right is the accompaniment only.  We will be using only the accompaniment music in the audition.  Choose the song based on the character you will be auditioning with as noted below.

Tracy Turnblad - Good Morning Baltimore
Corny Collins - The Nicest Kids in Town
Penny Pingleton - Mama I'm A Big Girl Now
Link Larkin - It Takes Two
Edna Turnblad - Welcome to the Sixties
Mr Pinky - Welcome to the Sixties
Seaweed Stubbs - Run and Tell That
Little Inez Stubbs - Run and Tell That
Motormouth Maybelle - I Know Where I've Been
Amber Von Tussle - Cooties
Velma Von Tussle - You Can't Stop the Beat (Part 2)



These players require Adobe Flash Player. If you are viewing this via iPhone or iPad, 
the player will not be viewable. Please view on a computer.

Please note you can choose only one of the above characters to audition with.  We will fill other roles based on these auditions.

Thank you,
Erica Kaolowi
Stage Manager

LAS VEGAS - SUMMER 2014 Camp Pulse/Pulse on Tour -- Deadline May 1st


**Parents of Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop Students 9+** 
Please see attached for Summer Dance Camp -- Camp Pulse/Pulse on Tour Las Vegas -- flyer. Deadline to confirm a spot is May 1st: https://doodle.com/sfbt3cpccbimwwnp

Questions? Email pasdedeuxhawaii@gmail.com.

Thank you!

PDD Hairspray Jr Audition Information


Aloha Musical Theatre Students and Families,

Auditions for Hairspray Jr will be held Saturday May 10 and Monday May 12.  More information is listed below. I have attached a PDF in the event formatting does not come through email.

Erica Kaolowi, Stage Manager


Those enrolled in the Principal class (M6:30p/Sa3:30p) are required to audition to maintain a spot in the Principal class. Ensemble classes (M5p or Sa2p) are not required to audition unless they wish to try for a lead or featured role. Otherwise they will be performing as the ensemble in the production. Only students enrolled in Musical Theatre may audition/perform.

Auditions will be held on Saturday (5/10) from 3:30p-5p and Monday (5/12) from 6:30p-8p. Attendance on both days is required to be considered for a role.  Ensemble students auditioning may attend these auditions in lieu of their class for that weekend only.


The classes are currently working on audition techniques, music and choreography.  Become familiar with the show before the audition.  Choose a character to audition with and prepare the appropriate side (part of script) and song to perform in front of the panel.  Songs will be sung to a backing track.

Each student auditioning may also choose to sing a song NOT from Hairspray to show their vocal range - this song is optional.  The song should be a Broadway or musical theatre style song - absolutely NO Happy Birthday!  A backing track on CD must also be brought to the audition properly edited and in the key to be sung.  No one will be singing acapella.  Choose your starting point wisely as entire song may not be played due to time restrictions.

This audition will be held in 3 Rounds over the 2 days, (Music, Reading, Dance).  The music will be performed privately in front of the panel.  Reading of sides may be done in a group with some additional readings being cold.  Dance will be last and as a group. Please wear something comfortable that you can move in.

Choose a character to audition with and memorize the appropriate side and song.  Character chosen may not be the role given so be open to all parts.  Other characters may be given as a cold reading during the audition.

Please choose from the following characters only using the corresponding side and song found online: Tracy Turnblad, Corny Collins, Edna Turnblad, Penny Pingleton, Amber Von Tussle, Velma Von Tussle, Link Larkin, Seaweed Stubbs, Little Inez Stubbs, Motormouth Maybelle, and Mr Pinky.
Hairspray Jr sides and song scores can be found at:  http://www.broadwayjr.com/audition/auditionlist.asp?ID=000392

Backing track to Hairspray Jr songs can be found on the Pas De Deux website.  We will notify you via email when this is available.


TBD.  If callbacks are required, it will be held on June 30th.


Rehearsals will occur during class therefore any student receiving a Principal role will be required to enroll in the Principal class if not already.  The Principal class meets twice a week.  Ensemble class meets only once a week and will work on assigned musical numbers.  Each class will maintain the rotation between instructors to keep all students engaged.

Some Principals may occasionally be asked to join the Ensemble class depending on musical number and will be notified ahead of time. 

Full run-throughs will occur closer to the show…about 2-3 weeks before…at which time ensemble will be required to attend all rehearsals.  A schedule will be provided with cast list.

Attendance is crucial especially the last month before the shows.  If you are unable to attend during the last few weeks of run-through, you will not be able to perform.  Performance fees and costume deposit ($25+$25+tax) will be charged beginning of July and are non-refundable. 


We are currently scheduled to perform September 19-21 and September 25-27.  Leads will perform both weekends…Fridays at 8p, Saturdays at 8p and Sundays at 6p.  Understudies will perform both weekends…Saturdays at 6p.  Ensemble will perform ALL shows.  Show dates and times are subject to change.

NOTE:  Tan jazz shoes will be required of all performers for shows.  
These may be used, highly recommended, for class.


Iconology PreSale


Hi Families,

We will be offering a pre-sale starting tomorrow afternoon thru May 15th for accessories required for all students performing in Iconology.  See below for requirements. Items will be 10% off regular pricing and can be made in our online store using the "PRE-SALE FOR CONCERT" listing or at the studio.  Must be paid in full at time of purchase.  Discount not valid on previous purchases or purchases made after May 15.  Pre-Sale items will be distributed in JUNE in time for dress rehearsals.


ALL female performers: 
Hair in a bun
**Order bun maker kit and save an additional 10%**
(Bun makers not required but highly recommended)

**Order make-up kit and save an additional 10%**
Families may get their own make-up, however, colors must match those listed.  We sell Ben Nye products, intended for stage.  Stays on well and does not run/smear when sweating.  A great price for a great product that you will use again and again for performances (colors will remain the same for all our performance)

Ages 3-4: lipstick (red) and blush (victorian rose)
Ages 5-6: lipstick (red), blush (victorian rose), foundation*, eye shadow (espresso & shell), black eye liner
Ages 7+: same as above, plus mascara (black)
Ages 9+: same as 7+, plus false eyelashes ***Need one set of lashes per rehearsal & per show

Additional genre specific requirements:

- Body Wrappers brand, Jazzy Tan tights
- Fun bun (worn around bun)
- Tan jazz shoes

- Body Wrappers brand, Theatrical Pink tights
- Pink leather ballet shoes

- Curly ponytail (goes over bun)
- Hip hop uniform shoes
- (tights not required & are included in costume if needed)

- Hair in bun; costume accessories to be included with costume

- All female singers: Tan character shoes
- (Curly ponytail as required by costume; students will be notified if applicable)

All tights and shoes must be clean and free of tears/stains.  Tights must be Body Wrapper brand of color listed above.  We recommend having extra tights as we may not have any for sale at performances.

Thank you!
PDD Head Administrator

Tickets go on sale today! Ticket information and upcoming deadlines - NY State of Mind


Dear families:

Showtix4u.com will be going live with ticket sales today at 12noon for New York State of Mind - Pas De Deux's vocal showcase that is happening at Dave and Busters on Sunday, 4/27/14 at 6:30pm.  Please remember to purchase a seat for your performer in lieu of a performance fee.  Tickets are $26.18 each and includes finger foods, unlimited soft drinks and $10 game card.

Ticket sales will CLOSE on April 22 @ 11:45 pm so that D&B's has a final guest count for food.  There will be no at the door tickets for this show so please purchase early.  If you run into any difficulties with securing tickets, please email pddvoice@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Reminder:  Tomorrow, 4/12/14 is photo shoot day for headshots.  If you are performing, you have either selected or have been emailed a time slot.

Upcoming deadlines:

4/12/14 - Headshots at PDD - please arrive photo ready

4/13/14 - PDD designed Program Ads deadline

4/13/14 - Bios and digital versions of songs due to pddvoice@gmail.com NOTE: Please adhere to the sample provided.  Favorite singer and a line, 25 words/30 maximum. 

4/17/14 - Design your own Program Ads deadline at noon

4/27/14 - 5pm performer call time for sound check/report to Dave and Busters - Pa'ina Room.  Doors will open for guests at 6pm and show begins at 6:30pm

Sample bio: 


Questions?  Email pddvoice@gmail.com or see our events blog at

Thank you!

Vocal Department



Hello Vocal Families,

Due to technical difficulties, Showtix4u.com has informed us that online tickets sales of New York State of Mind has been pushed back to Friday April 11th

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Vocal Department



Hello Vocal Families,

Please see the timeline below for important and updated information and requirements including mandatory headshots and bio information, program ads, ticket information and call time.  You may visit our events page on our website to view the program ad form and blog link:


  • 4/6/14 - (extended deadline) for response to Doodle poll for headshots.  Please understand that all performers will need a professional headshot done as it will be included in the program.  Here is the Doodle link once again:  http://doodle.com/7cm34vuw7g54g7bd
  • 4/7/14 - Tickets will be available at showtix4u.com.  Prices are $26.18 and include admission, finger food and soft drinks.  This reserved seating is limited so please purchase early.  A seat must also be purchased for your performer as we want them to be able to sit with their loved ones.  We will not be charging a performance fee to your account.
  • 4/7/14 - If you didn't sign up for a PDD headshot, a professional headshot must be submitted to pddvoice@gmail.com.
  • 4/8/14 - If a headshot is not received, you will be placed on the schedule and emailed a time to show up on photo day.
  • 4/12/14 - Headshots at PDD - please arrive photo ready
  • 4/13/14 - PDD designed Program Ads deadline
  • 4/17/14 - Design your own Program Ads deadline at noon
  • 4/27/14 - 5pm performer call time for sound check/report to Dave and Busters - Pa'ina Room.  Doors will open for guests at 6pm and show begins at 6:30pm

Sample bio: 

Questions?  Email pddvoice@gmail.com

Thank you!



Deadline May 1st to register through Pas De Deux. 

If you responded to the Doodle poll as a "Yes" then charges will be added to your account with your April 25th Statement.  Anyone that is still interested in attending, please sign up on the Doodle poll so that you will be included in Pas De Deux's group registration. Doodle poll will close on April 20th.

Following this up with the email that was originally sent regarding this opportunity:

We are organizing an opportunity to meet up in Vegas this summer to attend Camp Pulse for ages 8-13 (Intermediate) and The Pulse on Tour for ages 11+ (Int/Adv.)

Las Vegas dates are July 4th - 6th at the Paris Hotel.  Please plan to arrive by July 3rd.

Teachers and Students, please fill out the online poll at the bottom to let us know if you are or aren't interested in attending so we can continue to coordinate group rates and organize fundraisers for those interested.

Please visit the websites below for more information on the classes, schedule, faculty and FAQ.

Ages 8-13 Int can attend Camp Pulse:  http://www.camppulse.thepulseontour.com

Ages 11+ Int/Adv can attend Pulse:  http://pulseontour.com

General Cost Estimates

  • Airfare: $300-$400 per person (one way)
  • Hotel Rates:  approx $150 per night (could share)
  • Transportation:  shuttle or rental car
  • Meals:  On your own + PDD group dinner
  • Camp Pulse/Pulse on Tour - approximately $300 + $45 observer band for chaperone
  • Optional shows: Jabbawokeez (Hip Hop), Celine Dion (Contemporary and Jazz)
  • Team Uniforms:  Jackets $85, Bag $35, 5 PDD Logo Tops at $10 each along with their normal class uniform.

Please complete the online poll below so we can get an accurate count of who IS and who IS NOT interested so please fill out either way.


Thank you!

New York State of Mind: Date and Venue change/ticket information


Hello vocal families,

This email is for students performing in the upcoming Vocal Showcase: New York State of Mind

We have a very important update for you.

The shows previously scheduled for Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th have now been combined and we have changed the venue to accommodate this.

New York State of Mind will be held on Sunday, April 27th at 6:30 p.m. at Dave and Busters in their showroom, the Pa'ina Room.  Tickets will be $26.18 and will include entrance to the venue, finger foods and soft drinks.  Tickets will be available on showtix4u.com from April 7th.  Seating is reserved and will be first come first served as there is a max capacity to this venue so please purchase your tickets early.  A performance fee will be added for each performer and includes their ticket so you will not need to reserve a seat for your performer.

We are excited to offer this performance opportunity for your child.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!