All ICONology Information (7-8 TRACKS A/B/C)


Aloha PDD Parents,
I apologize for all the separate emails, so I was instructed to send all the information in this one master email. Plus, I may have made a few errors according to my bosses (such as the attire for the transition rehearsal… not full costume, just regular PDD outfits). In this email are as follows:
  1. Specific rehearsal/performance dates & Call Times for Students/Parent Volunteers
  2. Hair/Makeup & Shoes Information (See attached files for Hair and Makeup)
Please look and over and read all information.
There are also attachments for the makeup information to look at as well.

Mr. Erick
PDD Hip Hop Instructor/Director


Hip Hop Shoes
For all rehearsals, classes, and shows, please have the child wear the hip hop shoes required for class. They should have purchased the shoes from the front desk, or shoes similar to that model of the shoe. BLACK SHOE LACES ARE USED FOR ALL CONCERTS.

Rehearsal Time: approx 5:41pm - 5:48pm    (Please arrive at the studio 30 minutes prior to rehearsal time.  Students will be dismissed after they are finished rehearsing.)

Wednesday, June 18th - Tech Rehearsal at LCC Theater (FULL COSTUME/MAKEUP REHEARSAL)
Rehearsal Time: 4pm  -- Please arrive at the studio in full costume/makeup 30-45 minutes prior to this time.  Volunteers should arrive 45min - 1 hr prior to this time. Students will be dismissed as soon as they are done running through their dance (which will be done in show order)

Friday, June 20th - Full Run-Thru Rehearsal at LCC Theater (prior to 8pm show)
Rehearsal Time: 4pm - Please arrive at the studio 45 min-1hr prior to this time.  Volunteers should arrive 1 hr - 1h15m prior to this time.

*** It is important to come at 4pm to these rehearsals because we practice the final bows as a big group in the beginning, which is important for the ending of the show.  We want the kids/volunteers to know exactly what goes on at the end, as it will be beneficial for them to have prior knowledge of what's going on. ***

Show Dates
  1. January 20th @ 8pm (everyone except all 6 & under classes will already be there at 4pm for the final run-thru rehearsal)
  2. January 21st @ 2pm (arrive at 1pm at the LCC Theater)
  3. January 22nd @ 7pm (arrive at 6pm at the LCC Theater)

Parent Volunteers Needed for "Iconology"


Hello PDD Dance Families,

We are looking for parents to volunteer backstage or as an usher.  We will need volunteers for all rehearsals at PDD (June 14th Transition Rehearsal) and stage rehearsals/performances at LCC Theatre.  Please refer to the rehearsal schedules attached and email the department director (Email me for ballet, if you are interested in volunteering for your child's class!  If your child is in ballet and jazz, you can only volunteer for one class and not both.  No siblings allowed while you volunteer!

Call time for Volunteers on Transition Rehearsal Day at PDD will be 45-60 minutes before start time.  Call time for LCC stage rehearsals and performances will be 75-90 minutes before start time.

Thank you for your time and dedication!


Annri Opitz-Kostick
PDD Dance Dept. Coordinator and Ballet Director


Int/Adv Level Requirement CHANGES effective July 1st


Aloha Parents of PDD!!
Just a heads up for all of you on what will occur after our ICONology June recital.

Students in the Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop level are required to attend two classes a week. After a long discussion over the future of the program, we have come to a conclusion that to benefit the students and to give them the best dance education possible in this genre, we decided to match the intermediate levels of other genres (ballet, jazz, hula) and have students attend two classes per week. This was decided because/in order:
  1. To be fair to the students who are taking those respective genres, and wondering why hip hop doesn't do the same.
  2. The studio looks to this level for public promotional performances (Ala Moana, Spotlight Competition, Blaisdell, Mililani Town Center, etc.) and we want to give them as much preparation as possible for these events.  In the past, we've only had 1 practice before an event, but in this case, we will mostly have at the least 2 practices before events.
  3. In order to improve in this dance art form, it takes a great amount of dedication, hard work, practice, and also exposure to a plethora of teachers that have different "styles" of choreography, movement, foundation, as well as teaching.  Students will reap the benefits of two classes from two different teachers (Ms.  Candace & Mr. Erick) and accelerate their improvement quicker than before.
*** Note that if you find that you are not able to meet the requirements of attending twice a week, but your child(ren) still wants to take a hip hop class, there is the option of enrolling in the beginning classes, which only meet once a week. *** 

Remember that there is nothing wrong/disappointing with being in a beginning class.  Personally, if I were to take classes, I would definitely take a beginner class in hip hop to improve my techniques, flow, and rhythm.  I believe there's always something positive in being a beginner.  All you can do is improve, grow, mature, and learn all that you can, no matter what "level" you may be.  Maybe your skills are up to par, and need to grow as a leader of a group, or maybe grow in learning to be humble. That's a great example of learning how to be a role model, even though you feel your skills exceed those around you. For this level, the two classes that the inter/adv students need to attend are:
  1. Sundays at 4pm with Candace Whitlow
  2. Wednesdays at 615pm with Erick Mijares
Just wanted to inform you all in case you want to make changes in your schedule early since most families do go on vacation after our recital.  Again, you all have the choice to remain in the intermediate level with the new requirements, or enroll in the beginning level if the schedule does not work out for you. Please see the admin desk if your schedule does change.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please reply to me at this email Thank you for all your time, hard work, and dedication. I am so proud of all the hip hop students and can't wait for us to roast it and toast it up on stage in June!!!

With L.O.V.E.
Mr.  Erick
PDD HH Instructor/Director

Pre-Sale, Nude Bra Top for Concert


Hi Families,

We are running a pre-sale from now thru June 1st for a nude bra top that can be used under costumes for concert.  This is not a mandatory item, however, any undergarments used under costumes must not be visible, including straps.  This is a great option as it can be used for all costumes and even in class under uniform leotards.  The bra top is a nude seamless undergarment with transparent straps, adjustable to various styles with a transparent back strap.  Samples are available at PDD for sizing.  Cost is $27.09 for pre-sale.

Thank you,

Iconology Ad Space


Hi Families,

If you are interested in purchasing ad space in our upcoming printed program for Iconology, please visit for information and to submit your ad. An ad designed by yourself is due June 8th.  If you'd like PDD to design your ad, the due date is June 1st.  NO late submissions will be accepted. Questions can be sent to Janice at

Once a form is submitted, the charge for the ad will be added to your pdd account for payment.  An email of your statement will be sent when the charge is posted.

Thank you,



Hi Families,

Thank you for your patience!  Tickets for Iconology will go on sale this Thursday, May 22nd, at 12 noon online only at  Tickets range from $15-$25 plus tax depending on seat location.  Please note that tickets purchased for seats marked as wheelchair space are empty spaces for wheelchair accessibility.  Also, all students will remain backstage for the entire performance and will not be released at intermission.

Please be sure to purchase tickets for your correct show track.  If you are unsure of your track, tracks are listed in the name of your class and can be found on our online schedule, on your monthly statements, and in your online account.  Please email your instructor or department director with questions regarding show tracks.

Vocalists - please be sure to check which show(s) you are assigned to before purchasing tickets.

Show information:
Track A - Friday June 20 @ 8pm
Track B - Saturday June 21 @ 2pm
Track C - Saturday June 21 @ 7pm
Track D - Friday June 27 @ 8pm
Track E - Saturday June 28 @ 2pm
Track F - Saturday June 28 @ 7pm

Tickets will be sold at the door the day of the event for $20-$40 only if seats are still available.  

Thank you!
PDD Head Administrator

Iconology Photos


Hi Families,

Please see attached for information on photos for Iconology.  Here are some details:

Location: PDD

Tues-Fri June 10th-13th from 3pm-8pm
Sat June 14th from 9am-1:30pm
Sun June 15th from 9am-5pm

$25+tax for 4x6" digital file w/ Iconology frame design (pink or gray) OR plain 8x10" digital file
$35+tax for a 4x6" digital file w/ Iconology frame design (pink or gray) AND plain 8x10" digital file

Please visit our online store to purchase your photo.  Each purchase is for ONE costume.

Sign up for a photo time using this link  Sign up for one time slot per costume.  Must arrive in full costume with hair/make-up done.

Thank you!
PDD Head Administrator

Hairspray Jr - Rehearsal Schedule


Aloha Musical Theatre Families,

Attached is a detailed rehearsal schedule for Hairspray Jr.  There is a quick reference monthly calendar at the end for August and September when the Ensemble class will be asked to join the Principal Class.  Please note this schedule is subject to minor changes.

Just a reminder that all students are to attend their regular class times.  Some principal characters may need to join the Ensemble class to work on musical numbers.  This is outlined in the detailed schedule.  

Performance Fees ($25+tax) and Costume Deposits ($25+tax) will be applied for the month of June.   If your child will NOT be performing, please notify us before May 25, 2014.  No refunds will be made.

Reading the Schedule:
  • Weeks 1-12 are formatted with Ensemble Class on top and Principal Class on the bottom. 
  • Ensemble class is divided into their groups.  Each group has a description of the song, dance and acting activity they will work on.  Principals requested to attend are highlighted in yellow.
  • Principal class will be separated into 2 time slots.  Cast will go with the respective instructor as shown. 
  • We will begin full cast/ensemble rehearsals on Week 13 through showtime.  Everyone is required to attend the full time of these rehearsals.

Class is cancelled on June 14, 2014.  The Saturday Ensemble class may attend the Monday class on June 30, 2014 as a makeup day.  Monday class will still attend as well.

The studio will not be open on June 16th-29th and July 4th-5th.

Please email any questions or conflicts to

Thank you,
Erica Kaolowi
Stage Manager

Taniokas Ticket Reminder


Hi Families,

For those that purchased Tanioka tickets, pick up at PDD for tickets is May 19th-June 1st.  Accounts must be paid in full in order to receive tickets.

We do have a limited amount of extra tickets that we can sell.  Tickets are sold in increments of 10 at $42.93 per pack of 10.  Details on what tickets are good for can be found at Ticket redemption at Taniokas will be from June 15th to June 30th.

We will fill additional ticket requests on a first come, first served basis.  Once we are sold out, no additional tickets can be ordered.  Last day to request these extra tickets will be May 25th.  Please respond to this email if you would like to purchase tickets.

Thank you!

Tues Hip Hop Tots Class


Aloha Parents!!
Here is some important information needed for our upcoming June recital entitled “ICONology.”  The information in this email includes:
1. LCC Theater Rehearsal Dates and Times
2. ICONology show Dates and Times

LCC Theater Rehearsal Dates and Times
  • Date:  Thursday, June 19th 
  • Location:  LCC Theater in Pearl City
  • Time:  4pm - 7pm for Track C (Acts 1 & 2)
*** Please arrive in full makeup/costume 20-30 minutes before your scheduled time.  Students will rehearse the final bows at the beginning, and then proceed to rehearse their dances for the show, Afterwards, they will be dismissed after final notes are given with their parent volunteers/instructor. ***

ICONology Show Dates/Times
  • Date: Saturday, June 21st (Track C Show)
  • Time: 7pm - 9pm (Please arrive in full makeup/costume 20-30 min before show time)
  • Location: LCC Theater in Pearl City
Showtime is just around the corner!! Thank you so much for all that you have done and for your dedication to the performing arts.  Please remember that students are required to be at ALL rehearsals and performances during these show weeks.  There have been many families that have either sacrificed other obligations in order for their child(ren) to participate in the show, or chose to not perform beforehand due to other important obligations.  We just want to be fair with all families and give everyone the best concert experience possible!! Thanks once again and be on the lookout for an email involving parent volunteers!! J

Mr. Erick
PDD Hip Hop Instructor/Director

Iconology T-Shirts (Pre-orders Only)


Hi PDD Families,

We are now taking pre-orders for our Iconology T-shirt.  No extra shirts will be ordered, so be sure to order one if you are interested! Visit to place your order. Payment due when order placed.


Hairspray Jr - Cast List...Drumroll, Please


Aloha Musical Theatre Students and Families,

We had 35 students audition for the upcoming production of Hairspray Jr.  All of them did a wonderful job and their hard work in preparation showed.

Attached is the final cast list.  There will NOT be a callback process.

The show will be on September 19-21 and September 26-28.  Leads will perform the Friday 8p, Saturday 8p and Sunday 6p shows on both weekends.  Understudies will perform the Saturday 6p shows on both weekends.  Leads that do not have a listed understudy and the ensemble will perform ALL shows.

Rehearsals will begin on  Saturday, May 17th and will occur during class.  A schedule for full run-throughs and dress rehearsals  during the last few weeks before the show will go out shortly.

The students shaded on the cast list will need to enroll and attend the Principal class beginning May 17th.  Principal class meets on Saturday 3:30p-5:00p AND Monday 6:30p-8:00p.  Tuition is for 2 classes but will receive a 10% multi-class discount.  May tuition will be prorated and account adjusted accordingly.  Please let us know immediately if your child does not wish to be enrolled in the Principal class and will not be accepting their role, (they will remain in the Ensemble class and perform as the ensemble).  Accounts will be charged around May 17th. 

Congratulations to the cast,
Erica Kaolowi
Stage Manager

Announcing PDD's New Theatre Director


Aloha parents,

We are sorry to announce that Mr. Alan Shepherd will no longer be our Theatre Director here at Pas De Deux.

However, we have found a new and perfect fit for the position! We would very much like to introduce to you Chelsea Campbell our new Theatre Director! Her directorial debut with us will be Hairspray Jr.! We greatly appreciate your patience and support during this change and look forward to a strong and effective theatrical team!

Chelsea Campbell has been an involved with theatre in Hawaii for 6 years. Her experience in technical theatre at The Leeward Theatre extends to such shows as; The Odyssey, Argonautika, Oedipus Rex, Alice in Wonderland, School for Scandal and all of Pas De Deux's dance performances. These experiences led to her directing for several one act play festivals. 

She is currently directing and producing an annual musical variety show to raise funds for The Leeward Theatre's fall productions. She has also had the pleasure of working with several dance and theatre companies on the island including; In Yo Face Improv, Monkey Waterfall, The Arts at Marks Garage, and Kumu Kahua Theatre. She is currently nominated for a Po`okela Award in lighting design for Play Builders of Hawaii's Production of Yes I Am: Leeward Edition.

Exam Week


Hello PDD Parents!!!

From the week of May 1st - May 7th, our the classes at our studio will be conducting an "exam week" for all classes.  This exam is basically to assess and evaluate the performance and improvement of the students in their respective classes. Students will be scored on certain techniques and concepts in their genre, whether it be a certain move they need to execute, an expression they need to interpret, and the overall performance in the classroom.

In the Hip Hop Department regarding all beginning classes as well as the 6 & under classes, their exam will be based off of basic moves/grooves, as well as their upcoming recital piece. The intermediate classes as well as the 12+ age group will have to show other areas of dance as well in terms of the hip hop style. They'll be scored by a rubric of 0-5:

Updated Scores:
5-  Excellent
4 - Above Average
3- Average
2- Approaching
1- Needs Improvement
0- Too New To Assess

Please, there is no need to worry about this exam.  This is conducted studio-wide in order for teachers to assess the students' improvement in class, and also for parents to have a tangible report card (which will be sent out some time in June) that shows their child's progress in class.  In some cases, some students may find themselves promoted to a higher level.

Thank you all for your dedication to the studio and to the performing arts.
Email me if you have any questions. Thanks!!!

Mr. Erick

Report Cards


Exam week for all dance classes will be held starting tomorrow (Thursday May 1st through Wednesday May 7th

Your child will be assessed on skills during class time and we will email report cards at the beginning of June.  You will also be notified if your child has been promoted to a different class.  Please try not to miss class during this exam week.  However, if your child does miss, the teachers will base their grade on past evidence and classes.  I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.