Ala Moana Performance in August (Int/Adv Hip Hop 12+)


Hi everyone!!!

Looking past our recitals, I have gotten word that our number, "SexyBack," has been chosen to perform at a public promotional performance at Ala Moana!!! Here is the information.

Date: Saturday, August 9th
Time: 3:00 - 3:45pm
Location: Ala Moana Center Stage


Please let me know if you are NOT ATTENDING.  During classes we will continue to refresh and run this dance (along with learning brand new choreography for fun) so that we are prepared for this performance.

Thanks and let's have a great final weekend of shows!!!

Mr. Erick

Merchandise Sales at LCC


Hi Families,

For those last minute emergency purchases this week of make-up, tights, and hair accessories, we will have items available during the following times listed below.  Item availability not guaranteed so please be sure to check your bags before leaving home to ensure you have all required items.  

​Sale times: Tuesday and Wednesday from 3-5pm and Thursday from 2:30-4pm.  Also, Friday and Saturday an hour before the show. 

Please try to have exact change with using cash, or bring a check or card for purchases.  We may not have cash on hand to give change.

Any items distributed with costumes (costume itself, accessories such as hairpieces, socks, gloves, hats, etc.) are non-replaceable so please be sure to label all items with your child's name and check that you have packed everything you need.  We did not order extras!

Thank you!

LCC Rehearsal/Show Reminders


Hi PDD Families,

Here are some reminders for next week when rehearsals start at LCC and for showtime!

***Before emailing directors, teachers, or PDD, please refer to past emails AND the blog for all the information that you need (***

LCC Show Reminders

Double check show assignment date and time, as well as rehearsal dates/times!

  • Label all costumes and personal items.  Students will be in charge of their own items.  PDD will not be responsible for lost items.  Leave valuables at home!
  • Purchase your tickets now at as we are selling out fast.  Final Performance only has less than 20 tickets left.  For those in multiple shows, please have your family purchase tickets for previous performances.
  • No Photography or Recording Devices of any kind during the performance due to copyright infringement and the fact that it is distracting to others watching the performance as well.
  • DVD's of the show will be available for purchase with the following pre-sale pricing:  Two disc set (Track A/B/C OR Tracks D/E/F): $35 plus tax.  Four discs (all shows): $55 plus tax. DVD's can be ordered at the pre-sale price at the front desk or through our online site now thru July 28th.
  • Show Photography will be taken at LCC Theatre during the Final Dress and Tech Rehearsals Thurs/Fri, 4pm-7pm, both weeks so be sure to come in full, make-up hair and costume.  Photos will be posted and ready for purchase on Smugmug 2-4 weeks after the performance. *If you are an experienced photographer with a DSLR we have some volunteer positions available during our photo shoot days.  Please leave your business card with us at the front desk.
  • No Parents Backstage at LCC unless you have signed up previously to volunteer as a backstage helper and are willing to help all children, not just your own.  We are limited on space and with 300+ performers so no extra bodies please.
  • Sign in/out process will be digital so be ready to type your child's name in on an iPad when you arrive.
  • Name Tags are being distributed in class this week.  Please wear your name tag to every rehearsal and show.
  • Additional Security Measure for 6 and unders.  We will be handing every parent a raffle ticket when they drop off their kids to us at LCC Theatre.  The matching ticket will be stapled to their child's name-tag.  Please give your child's name and show the 6 and under security volunteers your raffle ticket when you want to pick up your child at the end of the performance.
  • Child Pick Up during the shows is not allowed.  All students will participate in the finale so we will be holding them till the end of the show.  Please do not ask to pick them up at intermission.

Be kind to our Staff and Volunteers.  This is a community driven organization, where relationships are sacred as they can last for many years as your child grows through our dance program.  Don't burn bridges before you get started and be tactful in your approach to concerns.  We have many students and lots to keep organized and your cooperation, compassion and understanding will be greatly appreciated during these upcoming high stress weeks.  We Love what we do and want to continue to do this for our community but it only takes one screaming parent to ruin everyone's day and make you want to hang up your dancing shoes forever.  And most importantly please remember... Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, they are not paid because they are Priceless.  Shower them with thank you cards and small acts of kindness to repay them for going the extra mile for your child and their dance 'ohana.


Musical Theatre Ensemble Ages 9-11 (Group B) Mon 5:00pm


Greetings Most Supportive Parents!

I hope this email finds everyone well and enjoying their summers! I have an update for you all as far as rehearsal and research materials for Hairspray Jr. and a reminder of uniform requirements

FOR ALL HAIRSPRAY CAST, There is NO REHEARSAL ON SATURDAY JUNE 14th. Also, we have attached a document that has several dances from the 60's you can use for when we are doing individual moves (ie. In "You Can't Stop the Beat")

FOR HAIRSPRAY ENSEMBLE, I have had requests for sheet music for the ensemble class and have it for you on the BLOG to review at home and/or print for class.
The Ensemble will be singing:
  • "Good Morning Baltimore"
  • "Welcome to the Sixties"
  • "Run and Tell That"
  • "The Big Dollhouse"
  • "I Know Where I've Been"
  • "You Can't Stop the Beat (Parts 1 &  2)"

FOR UNIFORMS, I would like to take this time to remind ALL Theatre students that their required uniform for the Musical Theatre program is:
  • Shirt representing their age group
  • Scripts/music
  • Pencil (NOT Pen)
  • Recording Device
  • Tan Jazz Shoes

Starting June 30th we will begin to charge students $1.00 for each item missing from their uniform. Being prepared with proper materials for rehearsals is a must in every form performance so this is a good lesson for the future. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email the Theatre Program at and we will respond to you as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for your continuous support and passion for the arts!

Chelsea Campbell and the Musical Theatre Department


Transition Rehearsal, Ages 7+ Saturday 6/14


Please see below for some reminders for Saturday's Transition Rehearsal at PDD.  This is for all students ages 7+ and vocalists who are performing.

Transition Rehearsal Reminders

  • Check the attached schedule for your rehearsal start time.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your designated rehearsal time.
  • No photos allowed during this rehearsal.
  • No observers; only pre-assigned volunteers and staff allowed in the rehearsal rooms.
  • If you are not volunteering kindly wait in the lobby for your child or come back at the end of their designated rehearsal time.  
  • Remember to bring your name tag with all your numbers listed on one tag along with the song #.  (See attached revised song order line-up)
  • Wear your PDD uniform.  No costumes/make-up needed.
We will be doing a digital sign in at all rehearsals starting Saturday, so when you drop off your child be ready to type your child's name into an iPad.  It's that easy!

***Please no questions for the teachers during this rehearsal.  Please direct all questions to our administrative staff at the Front Desk or email our directors/teachers and they will get back to you at their earliest convenience.  All previously sent emails should be listed on our blog ( along with director and teacher emails:

Annri Opitz-Kostick (Ballet Director/Dance Coordinator)
Allicia Thompson (Jazz & Creative Movement Director)
Erick Mijares (Hip Hop Director)
Shauna Rivera (Polynesian Director)
Mia Beaudet (Vocal Department Coordinator)
Candace Whitlow
Jovy Salima
Kylie Hernandez
Zane Cabacungan


All ICONology Information (Int/Adv Hip Hop 12+ Wed 6:00pm)


Aloha PDD Parents,
I apologize for all the separate emails, so I was instructed to send all the information in this one master email. Plus, I may have made a few errors according to my bosses (such as the attire for the transition rehearsal… not full costume, just regular PDD outfits). In this email are as follows:
  1. Specific rehearsal/performance dates & Call Times for Students/Parent Volunteers
  2. Hair/Makeup & Shoes Information (See attached files for Hair and Makeup)
Please look and over and read all information.
There are also attachments for the makeup information to look at as well.

Mr. Erick
PDD Hip Hop Instructor/Director


Hip Hop Shoes
For all rehearsals, classes, and shows, please have the child wear the hip hop shoes required for class. They should have purchased the shoes from the front desk, or shoes similar to that model of the shoe. BLACK SHOE LACES ARE USED FOR ALL CONCERTS.

Saturday, June 14th - Transition Rehearsal at PDD (NO COSTUME/MAKEUP, JUST PDD UNIFORMS)
Rehearsal Time: approx. 6:02pm - 6:09pm - Please arrive at the studio 30-45 minutes prior to this time. Students will be dismissed once they are finished running their dance twice.  Volunteers should arrive 45min - 1hr prior to this time.

Wednesday, June 18th - Tech Rehearsal at LCC Theater (FULL COSTUME/MAKEUP REHEARSAL)
Rehearsal Time: 4pm  -- Please arrive at the theater in full costume/makeup 30-45 minutes prior to this time.  Volunteers should arrive 45min - 1 hr prior to this time. Students will be dismissed as soon as they are done running through their dance (which will be done in show order)

Friday, June 20th & 27th - Full Run-Thru Rehearsal at LCC Theater (FULL COSTUME/MAKEUP)
Rehearsal Time: 4pm - Please arrive at the theater at least 30-45min prior to this time.  Volunteers, please arrive 45min - 1hr prior. Students may be dismissed after their dance is finished rehearsing.

Show Dates
ALL SHOWS - June 20 (8pm), June 21 (2pm & 7pm), June 27 (8pm), June 28 (2pm & 7pm)

*** Please arrive 1hr prior to show time.  I am not sure if they can be dismissed in between the Saturday shows, but as soon as I find out, I will relay that information via the students or email.***