Dance Exam Week (Ages 7 and up)


Hello Ages 7 and Up Dance Families,

Exam week is scheduled to begin next week Friday May 1st through Thursday May 7th during your child's normal class time.  Plan to attend class during these dates.  If your child happens to be absent during exam week, teachers will base grades off of previous classes.  Beginning this year, no exams will be given to ages 6 and under classes.  Exams are for ages 7 and up only.

Exam week is a time for the teachers to assess a student's skill level which will aid in determining promotions.  Skills will be graded with a minus, check or plus sign.  (Minus = Developing, Check = Average and Plus = Exceeds).  Teachers will grade skills immediately and the report card will be sent home with your child so please look for a slip of paper after their dance classes during exam week.

You will be notified of any promotions sometime during the end of May.  If you are contacted by the teacher or director for promotions, please respond to them by Monday June 1st and let them know which class you would like to register for since we offer certain levels on different days of the week.  We have also opened new age groups so please note possible changes in class days and times.

Thank you,
PDD Dance Department