Parking and Pedestrians at PDD

Hi PDD Families,

Thank you for your continued effort to abide by new parking guidelines to not park in the EMS and Arcadia lots.  Please remember that both businesses will tow any unauthorized vehicles parked in their lots. Please be cautious of children and their families when driving into our PDD parking area to drop off/pick-up students. Refrain from using the handicap stall as a drop off area for your students as a courtesy to those who have a pass to park there.

For the safety of your children, we do not recommend students leaving our site without parental supervision. Once leaving our studio, we are not liable for students.  Parents should pick up their children on time and not more than 15 minutes after class has ended.

If you find street parking, please be cautious of oncoming traffic and to use crosswalks while crossing the street to avoid a jaywalking citation.  For more safety, consider using a flashlight at night if you have to cross the street and escort your students while crossing the street for their safety.

See below for more details on parking when at Pas De Deux.

Thank you!
PDD Staff