PLEASE READ -- Saturday, April 4th, Rehearsal


Aloha Families!

This Saturday, April 4th, we will be having our full tech rehearsal from 9am- 2pm please come ready with the following:
  • Make-up supplies (unless you are applying yourself)
  • Hair in curlers or curled
    • Below are the looks we are going for for Delta Nus, Listed as Pageant Look
  • Dry Snacks 
  • Water
  • Costume Pieces I have talked to students about
    • They should have it in their notes.
  • A hair tie
  • Delta Nu Costume & Accessories
We will be providing a lunch of Pizza and Juice for students, If your child has specific dietary please pack them a lunch.

Please Arrive on time so we can start our tech rehearsal on time.

PLEASE NOTE: We are still in need of volunteers! Volunteers make these processes go much faster. If you are interested in volunteering and have yet to sign up here is the link:

Thank you so much for your commitment!