Tanioka's Fundraiser


Hi Families,

We are pleased to announce the Tanioka's Fundraiser to help with the additional fees incurred for upcoming concerts, dance competitions, or dance trips.  This is not mandatory and families can choose to participate if they would like to. 

So, how does this fundraiser work?  Tickets will be sold in increments of 10, which means you can request 10, 20, 30, etc. You purchase tickets at a wholesale price of $4 each and sell them for $7.  You keep the profit!  Also, $1 per pack of 10 tickets will be charged for printing costs and state tax (4.712%) will be applied.

For instance…
10 tickets x ($4+$1+1.93) = 42.93
Gross Profit if all 10 are sold at $7 each = $70.00
Net Profit = $27.07

Tickets can be redeemed at Taniokas for ONE of the following:
  • 2 pc Fried, Garlic, or Mochiko Chicken
  • 1 lb Lomi Salmon
  • 2 bags Soybeans
  • 2 bags Boiled Peanuts
  • 3 Frozen Ahi Patties
  • ¾ lb Picked Ogo, Kim Chee Ogo, or Ogo Salad
  • 2 packages Gourmet Cookies
  • 1 Fundraiser Snack Back

From now thru May 1st, login to your PDD account and visit our store to order your tickets or stop by the front desk.  Tickets are sold in packs of 10.  Payment is due at time of order.

Tickets will be available for pick up at PDD May 15th-24th.  We will not be accepting returns on any unsold tickets so please just request what you know you can sell.  We will also not have extra tickets on hand so please be sure to order if you are interested!

Redemption at Taniokas from June 3rd-17th.  Due to new policies at Tanioka's, they will not be able to honor tickets that have passed their redemption dates so please be sure that you redeem tickets by June 17th.

Thank you!