World's Finest Fundraising


Aloha PDD Families!

Recital, competition and convention season are on their way, which means it's time to Fundraise!  Our first Fundraiser is with World's Finest Chocolates. You buy it in bulk and then sell it to your friends and family and keep the profit to apply to your costumes, competition, travel and convention fees.

World's Finest Items include: 

Case of 60 Chocolate Boxes for $75
Flavors: Continental Almonds, Fund Raisins, Chocolate Crisps
Sell for $2.50 a piece (cost to you is $1.25)

Case of 48 Oberto Beef Sticks for $28.80  
Sell for $1 a piece (cost to you is $0.60)

If you are interested in selling World's Finest Chocolates or Oberto Beef Sticks, fill out this online order form:

We plan on doing one pick up a month through August 2016. Any questions or concerns, please email me directly at

Wendy Gilbert, Owner at PDD