Introducing PDD's Newest Faculty Addition: Auli'i Kama


PDD Ohana!

Please join me in welcoming our newest faculty member and Tahitian instructor...Auli'i Kama!

`Auli`i Kama has enjoyed Tahitian dancing for the past 18 years, and instructing for 17 years.  She started dancing with the troupe Hei Tiare in Hilo, under her teacher Ara`i Paheo of Tahiti.  She has performed in the Heiva I Japan and the Heiva I Tahiti.  She is the co-owner and lead choreographer of the award-winning troupe Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui in Kapolei.  They participate in solo and group competitions statewide and do private performances throughout Oahu.

Focusing on cultural exchange and authenticity of technique, she often travels to Tahiti and hosts Tahitian dancers & musicians traveling to Hawaii.  As an employee of the Hawaii D.O.E. for more than 12 years, she enjoys teaching and encouraging students to excel to their full potential.  She also feels that Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dancing) is a "bridge" to bring people together from across the world through a common interest.

Auli'i will be teaching our Tahitian classes on Sundays from 2pm-6pm.  Please visit our website for more class information.


Disneyworld Deadliine Extended to October 12th!!!


PDD Jazz Dancers ages 7+!
(PDD admins and faculty as well)

This is your official invite to represent PDD in Dance the World Events at Walt Disney World Summer 2016!  We would love for your family to join us as well, in fact we insist. Check out their website for FAQ's and videos of the event and click on "Dance the World",   How it works is that Dance the World will send us official parade choreography that we will teach to the students in jazz class.  Extra cleaning rehearsals will be scheduled as necessary.  They will then perform that choreography in one of the parades offered, either at a day parade in Epcot (ages 8-22) or day or night parade in Magic Kingdom (ages 10-22).  More details are listed in the attached documents.  Ages is defined at the time of performance.

We will also have the option to perform our own number(s) in 1 or 2 stage shows at Epcot and or Downtown Disney.  This is a showcase and not a competition so no audition is necessary.  Age and Level restrictions may apply.  Mandatory rehearsals may be called for this particular performance.  However good class attendance is crucial to their participation.

Package pricing is inclusive of event participation and hotel rates per person.  Each performer must be accompanied by an adult.  Friends and Family rates are also included.  You will also have the option to extend your trip which you will work out with the Dance the World concierge directly after initial deposit is made.  The Host hotel will be the Disney Carribean Beach Resort which can accommodate up to 5 family members, assuming one is 10 years or under and can sleep on a pull out bed.  DVC members can also use their points for this stay as well.  For more pricing info please Contact World Class Vacations at 1-800-222-4432 M-F Eastern Standard Time, during their normal business hours.

Required Initial Deposit of $150 per person is due to Pas De Deux on October 12th. Please pay by check or cashiers check or cash.  If you pay by credit card we have to add a credit card processing fee which is 2% of the total amount.

New!  Chartered flights leaving HNL on June 16th and returning June 25th is currently running at $1285-$1350 (1 stopover on United/Delta) at this time.  They are hoping that the rates will lower come late October.  Airfare can drop as low as $850-$900 per person but there is no guarantee.  My advise is to look for the best airfare available independently and maybe wait till Mid Nov to purchase your flight in case the chartered flight drops lower than the outside rates.

Please fill it out the online survey and select every item that applies to you.  If you aren't interested there is a box you can check to send your regrets.

Please review and submit all forms below.
PDD Agreement
Dance the World Itinerary 2016
CBR Reservation Form
Caribbean Beach Week
Disney Performer Release Waiver

Hope you all can join us!  If you have any questions regarding this event please email me directly at

Wendy and Jeremy Gilbert